WILD SUMMER OF ART at Brutus in Rotterdam

Photo by and © Tamara Cieremans

Group exhibition from 12th July to 25th August.

Summer is a time for relaxing and exploring. During Wild Summer of Art you can eat delicious food at Brutus, dance and lose yourself completely in the work of fifty Rotterdam artists. If you want to know where Rotterdam art is now and where it will go tomorrow, then you know where to go.

This summer, Brutus Space presents a new edition of Wild Summer of Art with work by emerging talent, mid-career artists and established names. Unlike in 2022, the selection is limited to fifty artists, which means a more rigorous choice has been made. This was done by Amira Gad, former curator of the Serpentine Gallery in London, in collaboration with Sophie de Vos, co-founder of The New Current , the Rotterdam platform for young art talent. The artists were recommended by a select group of scouts, who are well versed in the Rotterdam art scene.

Amira Gad: “With the selection of works for this edition of Wild Summer of Art we emphasize Rotterdam as a phoenix, always able to rise from its ashes, rebuild itself, constantly change and evolve. Wild Summer of Art shows the resilience of the Rotterdam art scene.”

Wild Summer of Art covers the entire exhibition area of Brutus, namely 6,000 m2. The former industrial complex consists of a series of raw spaces, from towering halls to cave-like ruins. Here the senses are sharpened, ready for an exploration of the Rotterdam art scene. If there is a spark between the work of art and the viewer, love can immediately be cemented with a purchase. The purchase price goes entirely to the artist.

Brutus also wants to give other Rotterdam makers and creatives a place, especially at a time when important venues are closing all the time and art spaces are under pressure. That is why Brutus is making one of its spaces available for experiment this summer: a stage for emerging Rotterdam makers and creatives. At the end of May, Brutus will go public with an Open Call. The curators select the projects in collaboration with the Brutus team. Every week an individual or collective receives the key to Het Bureel, the entrance space of Brutus, where they can do whatever they want: wallpaper the space with drawings, open your own pop-up shop or test your new theatre piece.

Wild Summer of Art opens on Friday, July 12, 2024 with a big party. Everyone is welcome! The closure will take place on August 25, 2024 with the presentation of the Brutus Prize. The exhibition can be visited free of charge from Thursday to Sunday.

About Brutus

Brutus, founded in 2008 by artist Joep van Lieshout, is an art institution located in the M4H port area in Rotterdam West. It is not a museum but an Artist Driven Playground where makers are given free rein to experiment within all possible disciplines: from sculpture to performance, from painting to video installation. The resulting work reflects the changing spirit of the times, is sometimes confrontational or overwhelming and always aims to stimulate, irritate or inspire. In addition to 6,000 m2 of exhibition space and a sculpture garden, Brutus offers a residence and the Brutus Prize. Brutus consists of 2 foundations: Brutus Space and Brutus Base. Brutus Base presents all projects and activities related to the work of Atelier Van Lieshout. Brutus Space does all projects and activities related to other artists.