The 35th JAZZ FESTIVAL takes place in DELFT

22nd – 25th  August.

Delft’s Jazz Foundation believes in the unifying power of music and aims to promote jazz music in and around Delft. The Jazz Festival Delft has a broad and colorful programming of Jazz in all its forms. There is room for mainstream Jazz, but also for “new” sounds, influences from other music styles, cultures and art forms. Extremes go hand in hand within this festival.

 At a time when individualization and contact via social media play a leading role, the Delfts Jazz Foundation believes in the unifying power of music and in particular Jazz. Every year we see crowded squares with swinging people of all ages and from all corners of the world coming together with Jazz, in all its forms, as the main trigger. That is why the volunteers, people for catering, production, security, square coordination, artist guidance and so on make tireless efforts to make this free festival possible for all Delft residents and everyone outside of it. We are expected to welcome around 35,000 people to visit the festival and we are really looking forward to it.

Click here for full programme and more information.

Listen to ArtsTalk radio’s exclusive interview with Festival organiser BRAM STOEKEN (at 13.00 mins)