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Each week ArtsTalk Magazine editor Michael Hasted presents a podcast focusing on cultural events in and around The Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

MAKING FOR PARADISE a short Story by ATA BURCHARDT read by CAIT DAVIS. A mother and her two small daughters struggle for survival in the chaos of post World War Two central Europe. They are taken off a train, along with two nuns, and held by Russian soldiers at the border between Austria and Germany. The reading, by National Theatre actress Cait Davis, is preceded by a short interview with the author who lives in Delft.   13th February 2021


THE BEST MUSIC FROM ARTSTALK RADIO. Musical highlights from the first fifty ArtsTalk Radio programmes with instrumentals from Steel Sheep and Tcha Limberger and songs from Ronley Teper, Magda Mendes, Erwin Beijersbergen and Luiz, The Devil Makes Three and Thomas Oliemans.   18th January 2021

LILIAN is a play for radio by Polish composer and writer Kasia Glowicka who lives in The Hague. Based on real events it tells the story of a Dutch professor who is contacted by Tesfay, a refugee held in a camp in Libya.  4th January 2021

Barbed Wire Sunset photo by and © Rick van Helden

We have chosen the best bits from the dozens of interviews and features from ArtsTalk Radio over the past twleve months. We talk to Greg Shapiro, Tcha Limberger, Kasia Glowicka, Santiago Burgi, Berry Visser and the QE2 Theatre Company. We are at the Kunsthal and Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam, Museum Rijswijk and Opera2Day. Souwie Buis is at the Mauritshuis in The Hague and De Balie in Amsterdam. There’s lots of talk and lots of music to take your mind off the dreaded you-know-what.  20th December 2020

Michael Hasted talks to The Hague-based Polish composer and writer KASIA GLOWICKA (@16.02 mins) about her work and about her radio play LILIAN. And we are at the Diligentia Theatre in The Hague talking to comedian GREG SHAPIRO about his new book THE AMERICAN NETHERLANDER.  8th December 2020

Souwie Buis talk to WENDY FOSSEN about the ANDERS ZORN exhibition at the KUNSTMUSEUM in The Hague, Michael Hasted (@12.35) talks to LOVEDAY SMITH and MARK WINSTANLEY of QE2 Theatre Company about their production of TALKING HEADS and (@20.25) Souwie Buis talks to MICHEL BEHRE, organizer of the CROSSING BORDER FESTIVAL in The Hague. 4th November 2020

In an exclusive interview Michael Hasted talks to Amsterdam-based American comedian GREG SHAPIRO about his new tour LEAVING TRUMPLAND. And (@15.40) Souwie Buis is at the Kunstmuseum in The Hague talking to WENDY FOSSEN about the exhibition COLOUR IN FASHION.      15th October 2020

The weekend of 25th September 2020 was the Silver Opening of THE DEPOT, the new storage facility of the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam when the press and the public were allowed in for three days to see the work in progress. Michael Hasted has a look round and talks to the Boijmans director SJAREL EX. The Depot will be fully up and running and open to the public in September 2021. We are also at the MAURITSHUIS in The Hague where SOUWIE BUIS talks to art historian WENDY FOSSEN about a new exhibition on Johan Maurits himself.    29th September 2020

Michael Hasted is at the Kunsthal In Rotterdam to see the two photographic exhibitions MY BREXIT 52 48 and FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. He talks to Anglo/Dutch photographer MERLIN DALEMAN about his photos taken on the streets of the UK following the referendum and to ASTRID BURCHARDT about the old black and white amateur snaps from the 1940s and 50s of naked ladies.    24th September 2020

Michael Hasted talks to DIANA WIND, curator of the PAPER BIENNALE at MuseumRijswijk and, (@ 10mins) following the news that CIRQUE DU SOLEIL has filed for bankruptcy, we talk to some of the performers in an extract from last year’s special programme dedicated to the circus when it was at The Hague.   22nd July 2020

Michael Hasted talks to MAX DAX, curator of the exhibition BLACK ALBUM WHITE CUBE at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam and (@ 10.00 mins) on its 50th Anniversary we talk to BERRY VISSER, founder of MOJO Concerts about the HOLLAND POP FESTIVAL  which he organised in Kralingen in June 1970.  27th June 2020

Michael Hasted visits THE HIDDEN HOUSE OF MADAME DE BERRY in Delft and is shown around by its occupant BERRY VISSER alias MADAME DE BERRY. They talk about the history of the collection and some of the amazing objects to be found there . . . 17th June 2020

We meet Brazilian dancer and choreographer SAMIR CALIXTO about his work at the Korzo Theatre in The Hague and there is a song from Canadian singer and performance artist RONLEY TEPER. With most Dutch museums re-opening for business we talk to one that won’t – the Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam, because of its on-going major refurbishment. We talk to the Boijmans director SJAREL EX about The Depot, an annex to the museum which will be opening next year.     2nd June 2020

This week Souwie Buis talks to MICHEL BEHRE about The Hague’s CROSSING BORDER FESTIVAL and BORDER KITCHEN literary events. There is also chat and music when Michael Hasted talks to Delft-based musicians JACKIE SARLUIS and ERWIN BEIJERSBERGEN.     18th May 2020

This week Michael Hasted talks to English actor KENNETH CRANHAM about HAROLD PINTER. There is a preview of the curtailed CLASSICAL ENCOUNTERS FESTIVAL in The Hague and SOUWIE BUIS talks about three new books on the HONG KONG protest movement.    8th May 2020

As if the CoronaVirus and the cancellation of several shows was not bad enough STET, The English Theatre in The Hague will probably have its funding from the city withdrawn. We speak to STET’s director Elske Van Holk and to performers and participants with the aim of raising awareness of the company’s plight and to urge people to sign a petition to ensure public funding is maintained and that STET can continue.  27th April 2020

Rather than dwell on the current crisis we have been trawling through the archives. MARK WYNTER was a chart topping pop singer before the Beatles with a string of Top Twenty hits to his name. He later became, and remains, a successful actor. In this in depth interview he talks to MICHAEL HASTED about his life and times, interspersed with some of his hit singles.

This week Michael Hasted talks to English actress PENELOPE KEITH about her life in the theatre and Souwie Buis talks to art historian WENDY FOSSEN about the BAROQUE IN ROME exhibition at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Plus a song from RONLEY TEPER

Michael Hasted meets gypsy jazz musician TCHA LIMBERGER and SANDRO BRUTI at CASA LOURDES Sessions in Scheveningen and Souwie Buis talks to WENDY FOSSEN about the GEORGE STUBBS exhibition at the Mauritshuis in The Hague.     March 2020

This week an ArtsTalk Radio special dedicated to OPERA MELANCHOLICA, the new production by Opera2Day which is based on Philip Glass’s THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER. Michael Hasted talks to Alice Gubler, the company’s managing director, Emlyn Stam the musical director, singers Santiago Burgi, Georgi Sztojanov and Drew Santini and to the opera’s director Serge van Veggel

This week Michael Hasted has an exclusive interview with international comedy mime artist TAPE FACE who is currently on tour in Holland and (at 9.30) visits the KUNSTHAL in Rotterdam to talk to SAREL EX of the BOIJMANS VAN BEUINGEN MUSEUM in exile. Souwie Buis was at the WINTERNACHTEN FESTIVAL in The Hague and (at 21.10) talked to talked to Palestinian poet ASMAA AZAIZEH.

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