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Each week ArtsTalk Magazine editor Michael Hasted presents a podcast focusing on cultural events in and around The Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

We visit MUSEUM RIJSWIJK for the Textile Biennale and talk to the museum director Arnaud Van Aalst. We were also at the opening of a remarkable exhibition of Canadian art at KUNSTHAL in Rotterdam. Finally, we are back in Delft and meet the organizers of KUNSTKAMER, a private house which for two weekends a year becomes an art gallery.   16th September 2021

We talk to actors Loveday Smith and Mark Winstanley who star in and direct the new QE2 production of Alan Bennett’s TALKING HEADS at the CC Amstel Theater in Amsterdam. We also talk (at 8 mins 45) to Miel van Teijlingen of the Dutch Royal National Theatre about presenting plays in English. Plus (at 13 mins 50) there’s music from Belgian jazz multi-instrumentalist TCHA LIMBERGER.   17th August 2021

Michael Hasted talks to BERRY VISSER the man who brought Rock ‘n’ Roll to Holland when he organized the 1970 HOLLAND POP FESTIVAL in Kralingen in Rotterdam. Plus (at 13 mins) we meet Dutch baritone THOMAS OLIEMANS who talks about his work in the world’s great opera houses and on the concert stage. 8th August 2021


Michael Hasted talks to violinist LIZA FERSCHTMAN outgoing director of the Delft Chamber Music Festival and (at 14 mins10) to Delft’s Deputy Mayor BAS VOLLEBREGT on the planned developments at Prinsenhof. There is also (at 22 mins) a song from Canadian artist RONLEY TEPER. 22nd July 2021

Photo by and © Ronald Knapp

We are at ART ROTTERDAM at the iconic Van Nelle Fabriek and talk to galleries Frank Taal, Contour, Zerp and Vriend Van Bavink. We then (at 11 mins) move on to The Hague and attend STET The English Theatre’s GREENHOUSE open air event at the beautiful Hofje Van Wouw. We speak to STET’s artistic director Tom Dello and some of the performers.  6th July 2021

The image is Jalisco by Aldo van den Broek. Courtesy of Gallery Vriend Van Bavink in Amsterdam

Souwie Buis is at BEELDEN AAN ZEE museum in Scheveningen talking to curator LEANA JULIAN about the exhibition ITALIAN SUMMER in particular and about the museum in general. We also talk (@11mins15secs) to Portuguese singer/songwriter MAGDA MENDES, who lives in Rotterdam, and listen to some of the music from her current album OLIVEIRAS. 27th June 2021

Michael Hasted talks to Scapino Ballet principal dancers MAYA ROEST and MISCHA VAN LEEUWEN about the RIDCC (Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition) which they organise. We then (@ 14mins 30) make the short journey to Schiedam to talk to artist FLORENTIJN HOFMAN about his incredible installation STADSCOCON (City Cocoon) which is at the Sint Janskerk.  15th June 2021

Souwie Buis discusses artist FRIDA KAHLO with art historian and author Karin Haanappel and  later (at 14.00 mins) she talks with Yke Prins about the open-air sculpture exhibition in the Lange Voohout curated by The Hague’s PULCHRI STUDIO.  3rd June 2021


Michael Hasted talks to ROEL FUNCKEN, the director of the DELFT FRINGE FESTIVAL, about the online 2021 version and (@17mins) Amsterdam-based comedian GREG SHAPIRO reads the final excerpt from his book THE AMERICAN NETHERLANDER -25 YEARS OF EXPAT TALES. Plus (@10mins55)  there is music from the excellent multi-national instrumental trio STEEL SHEEP from their appearance in Delft during  the 2019 Festival.   20th May 2021

Amsterdam based comedian GREG SHAPIRO reads the third extract from his book THE AMERICAN NETHERLANDER, 25 YEARS OF EXPAT TALES. This week he tells us more about the early days of the Amsterdam comedy venue BOOM CHICAGO and some of the comedians who have appeared there. SOUWIE BUIS has been busy again and (@12.20) she talks to Spanish artist DAVID MAROTO who lives in Rotterdam, about his book-related work and projects.   9th May 2021

Photo shows David Maroto during his performance Not All of Me Will Die on 17th April 2021 at Index, The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm. Photo: Marti Manen

We visit GALERIE ART JACOBS in Delft and talk to artist RENE JACOBS about his eccentric and eclectic work. Plus, (@19.30 mins) Amsterdam-based American comedian GREG SHAPIRO reads a second instalment of his book THE AMERICAN NETHERLANDER, 25 YEARS OF EXPAT TALES – this time talking about BOOM CHICAGO, the comedy venue in Amsterdam.   28th April 2021

Amsterdam based American comedian GREG SHAPIRO is a familiar figure on the Dutch comedy circuit. His third book, THE AMERICAN NETHERLANDER, 25 YEARS OF EXPAT TALES was written during the months of Corona lock-down when all live performance venues were closed. Greg has been reading extracts from the book exclusively for ArtsTalk Radio. Also, (@12.30mins) SOUWIE BUIS talks to art historian WENDY FOSSEN of Casa Dell’Arte about female artists in general and those in the Rijksmuseum in particular.   14th April 2021

This week we have another short story by ATA BURCHARDT called THE MOUSE COAT preceded by a short interview with the author who lives in Delft. The story is read by National Theatre actress Cait Davis. SOUWIE BUIS (@14mins) talks to WENDY FOSSEN of Casa dell’Arte about the KUNSTMUSEUM in The Hague.    2nd April 2021

Souwie Buis is with WENDY FOSSEN of Casa dell’Arte at the MAURITSHUIS in The Hague talking about the exhibition FLEETING – SCENTS IN COLOUR which is all about smell. Michael Hasted talks (@16.30) to LOUK VAN RIET at the VERMEER CENTRE in Delft, plus (@12.40) there’s a song from RONLEY TEPER.   19th March 2021


MAKING FOR PARADISE a short Story by ATA BURCHARDT read by CAIT DAVIS. A mother and her two small daughters struggle for survival in the chaos of post World War Two central Europe. They are taken off a train, along with two nuns, and held by Russian soldiers at the border between Austria and Germany. The reading, by National Theatre actress Cait Davis, is preceded by a short interview with the author who lives in Delft.   13th February 2021

THE BEST MUSIC FROM ARTSTALK RADIO. Musical highlights from the first fifty ArtsTalk Radio programmes with instrumentals from Steel Sheep and Tcha Limberger and songs from Ronley Teper, Magda Mendes, Erwin Beijersbergen and Luiz, The Devil Makes Three and Thomas Oliemans.   18th January 2021

LILIAN is a play for radio by Polish composer and writer Kasia Glowicka who lives in The Hague. Based on real events it tells the story of a Dutch professor who is contacted by Tesfay, a refugee held in a camp in Libya.  4th January 2021

Barbed Wire Sunset photo by and © Rick van Helden

We have chosen the best bits from the dozens of interviews and features from ArtsTalk Radio over the past twleve months. We talk to Greg Shapiro, Tcha Limberger, Kasia Glowicka, Santiago Burgi, Berry Visser and the QE2 Theatre Company. We are at the Kunsthal and Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam, Museum Rijswijk and Opera2Day. Souwie Buis is at the Mauritshuis in The Hague and De Balie in Amsterdam. There’s lots of talk and lots of music to take your mind off the dreaded you-know-what.  20th December 2020

Michael Hasted talks to The Hague-based Polish composer and writer KASIA GLOWICKA (@16.02 mins) about her work and about her radio play LILIAN. And we are at the Diligentia Theatre in The Hague talking to comedian GREG SHAPIRO about his new book THE AMERICAN NETHERLANDER.  8th December 2020

In an exclusive interview Michael Hasted talks to Amsterdam-based American comedian GREG SHAPIRO about his new tour LEAVING TRUMPLAND. And (@15.40) Souwie Buis is at the Kunstmuseum in The Hague talking to WENDY FOSSEN about the exhibition COLOUR IN FASHION.      15th October 2020

The weekend of 25th September 2020 was the Silver Opening of THE DEPOT, the new storage facility of the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam when the press and the public were allowed in for three days to see the work in progress. Michael Hasted has a look round and talks to the Boijmans director SJAREL EX. The Depot will be fully up and running and open to the public in September 2021. We are also at the MAURITSHUIS in The Hague where SOUWIE BUIS talks to art historian WENDY FOSSEN about a new exhibition on Johan Maurits himself.    29th September 2020

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