CINNNAMON  Rotterdam

January 2020 – Please note the gallery has left its premises at Gouvernestraat 83a+c and will move in to new, as yet unannounced, premises. Until then they can be contacted through this number 06 33 15 89 00

CINNNAMON is a young contemporary art gallery based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The gallery sports an international programme centred around compelling artistic positions by emerging and mid-career artists. 

Central to the programme is the belief that art reflects the condition humaine within the culture of its time. The artists we work with understand their artistic practice as functioning within broader cultural, philosophical and historical contexts. They critically investigate such contexts with a keen awareness of media and materials, ranging from sculpture and painting to video installations, photography and digital imaging – often combining one and another. The influence of new media and new technologies on our world is a recurring theme in our programme, though not exclusively. CINNNAMON promotes art that is both visually and intellectually stimulating, organising some six to eight exhibitions yearly at the gallery’s venue, as well as participating in art fairs.