Singer Robbie Williams to exhibit his paintings in Amsterdam

The best-selling British solo artist Robbie Williams will soon open his first art exhibition with artworks he has created over the years. He has chosen to collaborate with MOCO Museum in Amsterdam for this purpose. The exhibition Pride and Self-Prejudice will be festively opened on 7th March and can be seen from 8th March until 8th July.

Robbie Williams says, “Making art allows me to express myself, something that has helped me enormously over the years with challenges that have come my way. It’s clear that at certain points in my career I felt bad about myself and during those times art, and humour, were important tools for me. I am excited to collaborate with MOCO Museum and hope that this exhibition shows the healing power of art and can touch, inspire and connect visitors.”

Kim Logchies-Prins, Founder and Curator MOCO Museum commented, “We are extremely proud of the fact that Robbie has chosen us to present his first ever museum exhibition. Like Robbie, I believe in the healing power of art that you can use when you experience challenges with your mental health. Many people of current generations struggle with this. Art, like Robbie’s, can inspire and at the same time provide comfort and connection.”

The international superstar and singer of songs like Angels, Rock DJ and Let Me Entertain You, Robbie Williams has had a turbulent life in the public eye. Because the downside of fame takes a heavy toll on his mental health, as can also be seen in the successful Netflix series about his life, which was recently launched. What many people don’t know about him: during his first drug rehabilitation period in the 1990s, he started making art as a way to deal with his inner demons. He has continued to do this every day all these years. For the first time, some of his work is now exhibited.

In his first exhibition, Robbie Williams takes visitors into his psyche and inspires them to look inward, to promote self-love and acceptance. Because in a fast-paced world full of stimuli, opinions and conflict, mental health is more important than ever. The exhibition also invites self-reflection. During the exhibition, visitors receive a card on which they can write five positive things about themselves, something Robbie himself was unable to do during his deepest years.