INDIA DANCE FESTIVAL at the Korzo Theatre in The Hague

While we may all not be familiar with, we are certainly aware of, the block-buster music and dance films emanating from the so called Bollywood. So, we may deduce, dance is popular and successful in India but do these brightly coloured, gaudy even, spectacles with casts of thousands represent what is really happening on the sub-continent, dance-wise? The answer is probably yes on the popular front but a definite no on the artistic level. It is the latter that the India Dance Festival seeks to address.

Now in its eighth year, with its founder Leo Spreksel still at the helm, it has gone from being a small, three-day rather esoteric event at the Korzo to an important international festival of twenty-eight events spread over two weeks and several cities and venues.

Here are our reviews from some of the events in reverse chronological order. Click on picture to read the review.

SUPERHUMAN: OUR INNER DARKNESS at the Korzo on 3rd November



SATYAGRAHA at Zuiderstrantheater, 27th October




COLOURS OF INDIA XL   20th October.





OPENING NIGHT – UTSAV with special guests   19th October.