ALL YOU CAN ART on its way to a permanent place in Rotterdam

The All You Can Art team, an intensive collaboration between the Kunsthal Rotterdam and Instituto Buena Bista (IBB) Curaçao, has already been working for seven weeks this summer in Rotterdam in the open workshop in the Kunsthal, but especially on the various locations in the Afrikaanderwijk neighbourhood in South Rotterdam and with the partner institutes in the city. The focus of this fourth edition is primarily on the future, with the shared ambition of securing a permanent place for All you can Art in Rotterdam.

The Kunsthal, the IBB, the Rotterdam municipal authority, funding bodies and other initiatives are currently exploring the possibility of a permanent location in South Rotterdam: a long-term, permanent basis from which new forms of presentation can be developed and public participation, dialogue and talent development can be stimulated. Starting out from the idea that art assumes a responsibility with regard to other people and society, All you can Art forms links between people with different backgrounds, institutions, sectors and communities.

The team of IBB artists is working every day to bring about new insights and connections between people, art and culture. To this end they work with numerous neighbourhood initiatives, local artists and partners. For instance, in connection with the project ‘We Sell Reality’, the artist Rieneke de Vries examines why commodities often migrate far more easily than people. In her quest for the origin of products, she holds discussions with shopkeepers, using the open workshop in the busy Groene Hilledijk shopping street as her operational basis. The tangible result of this series of interviews will be a special set of tableware.

Encounters on the Afrikaandermarkt

The initiatives are numerous! The artist David Bade has spontaneous encounters with market vendors and visitors to the Afrikaandermarkt. He challenges them to have their portrait taken and makes the first sketches on the spot on “For Sale” boards. The artist Elvis Chen does it on the phone: there is a hotline from Hal 3 in the Kunsthal to ‘Gemaal op Zuid’. Chen makes portraits of the callers on the basis of their own descriptions, and they can collect them during the All you can Art Finissage on Sunday 25 August – if they have not already been to one of the locations to play an active part in All you can Art. The artist Tirzo Martha is working with residents of the Laurens Delfhaven care home for the elderly – a follow-up to his 2017 project in which he created a sculpture that plays a function in their everyday life. There are meetings with artists, local residents and shopkeepers in South Rotterdam, and anyone who walks past one of the locations is enthusiastically approached, following IBB practice, to join in making art or to exchange ideas.


Think Tank #3: Positioning and collaboration Thursday 13 August 15:00 hrs Gemaal op Zuid, Pretorialaan 141.  Is it enough for institutions and artists to work together, or do we get more results if they both operate within a network and try to bring about connectivity in practice? Not merely an exchange between two identities, but an alliance in every possible way.

All you can Art Finissage

Sunday 25 August in Gemaal op Zuid, Pretorialaan 141
Sunday 25 August is the festive conclusion of All You Can Art 2019, with a glimpse at the future and the presentation of the certificates to participants in the Summer School, in the presence of all the partners and others involved.. 

Participate in All you can Art!
Visit, discover and participate in All You Can Art this summer in the following locations:

Kunsthal Rotterdam
Open Atelier until and including 25 August. Presentation of the results of All you can Art 2019 on tuesday 27 August until and including Sunday 29 September. 
Tuesday – Saturday 10 – 17 hrs, Sunday 11 – 17 hrs (regular entrance fee)

Het Gemaal op Zuid, 141 Pretorialaan and Studio at 272-274 Groene Hilledijk
Until and including sunday 25 August (Groene Hilledijk until and including 24 August)
Tuesday – Saturday 10 – 17 hrs (free admission)

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