AMRO prolongs partnership with Amsterdam’s STRAAT Museum

ABN AMRO Bank is set to continue its partnership with STRAAT Museum in Amsterdam for another two years. In line with the bank’s sponsoring strategy, the focus in this partnership is on equal opportunities for women, youth education and sustainability.

AMRO is keen to promote equality between men and women within the art and culture sector. The bank also wants to show children who would not necessarily get the opportunity, what the world of art and culture has to offer. “STRAAT Museum matches perfectly with our sponsoring strategy and our brand. We’re confident that we can really speed things up together. As well as promoting equal opportunities for women, we also bring children into contact with this form of art and the museum. Next year, we expect 4,000 children to take part in the STRAAT educational programme, part of which is developed in partnership with ABN AMRO Foundation. We are delighted to be prolonging our partnership and will keep working on our mission together,” says Sander Bestevaar, Head of Partnerships, Events and Foundations at ABN AMRO.

Contemporary museum, geared towards future generations
STRAAT Museum has been thriving since it opened in 2021. Ever increasing interest (200,000 visitors in 2023) is putting STRAAT on the national and international map as a museum for street art and graffiti. Last year, ABN AMRO and STRAAT launched the partnership ‘Women in Street Art’ as a kick-off. This initiative is designed to accelerate equal opportunities for women in the art sector. ‘Women in Street Art’ was not only a powerful campaign, it also showed that the museum was determined to make a statement by literally reserving canvases for female street artists. “Street art is a way of getting activist messages across to society. Gender equality is one of these messages. Women street artists have seen positive progress and are now firmly entrenched in the street art scene, including the business side. Here at STRAAT, we’re promoting gender equality by reiterating these stories and doing all we can to inspire and activate. Street art is, and will always be, a ‘tool for empowerment’. Unlike many other museums, we work with living artists so we can ensure that our representation is inclusive right from the start,” explains Marion Wolff, managing director of STRAAT.  

ABN AMRO and Art & Culture sponsoring
ABN AMRO has been an active partner in the cultural sector for many years. As well as STRAAT, the current portfolio comprises partnerships with H’ART Museum, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Singer Laren, WOMEN Inc. and the DGTL festival. The common theme through all these partnerships is equal opportunities for women, education and sustainability.   

About ABN AMRO Sponsoring
In line with its ‘Banking for Better for Generations to come’ purpose, ABN AMRO uses sponsoring to help improve society. The bank takes its social responsibility seriously. We do this through various channels relating to planet (sustainability) and people (equal opportunities for all). By choosing the right partnerships and setting concrete goals with regard to sustainability and equal opportunities, whether in sport, society or art and culture, ABN AMRO hopes that its sponsoring will be an accelerating factor.  

ABN AMRO is a Dutch bank for consumer, business and private banking clients, offering a wide range of financial products and services. The bank focuses on north-western Europe, and its ambition is big: to be the best Dutch bank. The purpose of ‘Banking for better, for generations to come’ guides the bank in the implementation of its strategy, which is based on three pillars: Supporting our clients’ transition to sustainability; Reinventing the customer experience; and Building a future-proof bank. ABN AMRO’s head office is located in Amsterdam. The bank serves around six million clients.