Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2021 at various venues


For eleven days (2nd – 12th September) the Amsterdam Fringe Festival will be presenting theatre and dance by talented new, undiscovered and untamed makers at more than 30 venues across Amsterdam. Fringe is open and uncurated. We present a varied program featuring artists from a wide range of backgrounds, origins and futures. The festival is an ode to independence of spirit and it is a plea for artistic freedom. A big, fat, heartfelt embrace of experimentation in the true sense of the word: one whose outcome is able to effect a real surprise.

Fringe is a platform and a refuge for unique artists and their audiences. Talented young makers, inventors, masters of the niche, forgers of hybrids, out-of-boxers, wildcards and the artistically homeless – either by choice or by chance: they invite you to come on a Fringe adventure to roam the fringes of the theatre and the city. From tiny stages and hidden gems to obscure garages and less cultivated areas.

There is an extensive English and ‘Language No Problem’ program, which are shows that make no use of words or language. About 50% of the shows is suitable for non-Dutch speakers. You can filter these shows at the Programme section under the filter ‘Language’.


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