Amsterdam Light Festival hit hard again by measures

Due to the tightened corona measures of 18th December, Amsterdam Light Festival will be hard hit.

No festival, but light art

In consultation with the Municipality of Amsterdam, the light art may remain on between 5pm and 10pm to illuminate the city. We emphasize the importance of compliance with the current Covid-19 measures: stay as much as possible at home, stick to the maximum group size and keep your distance. If the Covid-19 measures are not adhered to, the Municipality will Amsterdam unfortunately will request that the light artworks be switched off.

Emergency crowdfunding

Unfortunately, this anniversary edition cannot be celebrated together, where the festival organization had hoped for so much. As a result, the festival is in dire straights. Due to the current Covid-19 measures, it is possible festival d not generate revenue from the public. The festival turns out to be beyond the guarantee schemes of the central government and is to cover the resulting shortage suddenly became dependent on private donors and employers with a big heart for light art.

Frédérique ter Brugge, director of Amsterdam Light Festival: “Finished time we have always adapted to the circumstances and looked at what was possible. Even now we do that, we keep the light art so long possible on! But financially our foundation now has – without public revenue – major problems. That is why we appeal to everyone: help us!”