Amsterdam String Quartet Biennale

Belinfante Quartet Photo by Meinke Klein

STOP PRESS – There will be a live concert on 5th February with Belinfante Quartet + Matangi Quartet + Ragazze Quartet + Ruysdael Quartet at Muziekgebouw, Grote Zaal in Amsterdam starting at 18.30


Alternative program String Quartet Biennale in collaboration with NTR announced – programme from Muziekgebouw and New York.

The largest string quartet festival in the world takes place in its smallest form on Sunday, 30th January and Sunday, 6th February. On these two evenings we will broadcast two (live) concerts on NPO Radio 4 in collaboration with the NTR. The Belinfante Quartet (NL), Cuarteto Casals (ES), Quatuor Danel (FR/BE), Schumann Quartett (DE/EE), Borusan Quartet (TR), Attacca Quartet (US) and the Karski Quartet (BE) hear a small selection from the original festival programme.

The program of the live broadcast from the Muziekgebouw on Sunday, 30th January between 20:00 and 23:00 is:

Belinfante Quartet

Mathilde Wantenaar   Voorproefje van de wereldpremière van haar nieuwe  strijkkwartet

Cuarteto Casals

Haydn                         Op. 20/3

Felix Mendelssohn     Strijkkwartet nr. 33, op. 44

Borusan Quartet

Fanny Mendelssohn  Strijkkwartet

Fazil Say                    Strijkkwartet, op. 29 ‘Divorce

Karski Quartet

Bacewicz                    Strijkkwartet nr. 4 – I. Andante. Allegro Molto


The broadcast on Sunday, 6th February is a special meeting of Amsterdam and New York. The Attacca Quartet plays their program with work by Caroline Shaw and Haydns Die sieben letzten Worte from New York especially for the String Quartet Biennale and NPO Radio 4. They explain the program in a live interview. After that, the rest of the Evening Concert will be filled in with recordings and interviews of the String Quartet Biennale, from the Muziekgebouw. The program, from 20:00 to 23:00, is as follows:

Attacca Quartet

Haydn                        Die sieben letzten Worte

Caroline Shaw           Evergreen

(Vanuit New York, ca. 75 minuten).

Schumann Quartett + Adrien la Marca

Mozart                        Strijkkwintet nr. 1, K. 174

Quatuor Danel

Sjostakovitsj               Strijkkwartet nr. 2, op. 68