Attention artists! The new Vitrine Project is looking for makers

Groot Handelsgebouw issues an open call and offers a platform for Rotterdam art.

What do you do with 20 empty showcases in a bustling office with more than 450 companies? Exactly, you colour that with art! The Groot Handelsgebouw next to Rotterdam’s Central Station offers a unique opportunity for local makers, creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, craftsmen and storytellers to be visible in a vibrant place in the middle of the city.

The Groothandelsgebouw is slowly but steadily growing into a creative hub in the center of Rotterdam. After the Collision Project – where young but also internationally renowned artists are given the opportunity to provide white walls with their creative vision – there is also The Vitrine Project. This project builds on the vision of the Groot Handelsgebouw to collaboration, innovation and community building through creativity and art.

Open call

local makers, creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, craftsmen and storytellers have the opportunity to register via the online registration form. The Groot Handelsgebouw is looking for impactful makers who can fill approximately 20 showcases. As for the medium – sculpture, mixed media, putting on paint – there are no restrictions. Makers also get the opportunity to sell their art directly: by using the QR codes on the glass, you not only get access to more information about the maker, but also access to a shop or contact details. Most display cases are 139x45x176cm, 145x31x135 cm or larger, and are located on the floor with the most traffic: the ground floor and the seventh floor. There is currently no deadline for registrations, registrations will remain open until the showcases are filled.

Website for registration The Vitrine Project: