Become a reviewer for ArtsTalk Magazine

ArtsTalk Magazine is always looking for reviewers to write, in English, about any performance event or exhibitions in Holland. We do not review films or recorded music. We concentrate on the south west of the country – Amsterdam to Rotterdam and everything in between.

You must have a keen interest in the arts in general and be fairly knowledgeable – we like our reviewers to be able to do more than just describe the event. We don’t have a “house style” as such but we do like a bit of depth.

There is no payment of fee or expenses at the moment because ArtsTalk Magazine is not, as yet, generating any income. However, if you are asked by us to write a review you’ll get free admission to the event with a Press Ticket, a free programme and, if you are lucky, a drink in the interval – and of course your name in print on a prestigious website which is often quoted by the theatres and producers we serve.

If you have not been directly commissioned we will be happy to consider using any unsolicited review you submit. If you become a regular contributor your name will be listed on our About Us page.

We will want 400-500 words emailed to us in Word or compatible format by noon the day following the Press Night or, in the case of an exhibition you have seen, as soon after it has opened as possible. Simple

If this appeals to you, please send a sample review of a show or event you have seen recently to along with a very brief CV and we’ll take it from there.