In the summer of 2021, Club Classique will present a unique project. In Moving Art, Club Classique shows how paintings sound and what music looks like. During a tour of 20 performances, paintings on film come to life, while the musicians of Club Classique make live music. Whether it’s Van Gogh that makes your heart beat faster or Rothko, there is something for everyone and even Vermeer never came out better. In Rembrandt’s The Dream of Joseph, soprano Laetitia Gerards descends from heaven as an angel and spontaneously begins to sing along with the musicians. The public premiere of the performance will take place on Saturday, 19th June 2021 in the Koepelkerk in Amsterdam, followed by a tour this summer with performances throughout the Netherlands.

Creation of the paintings

Especially for this project, filmmaker Gijs Besseling brought seven paintings on film to life as tableaux vivants. The artworks were reconstructed in detail in collaboration with a set designer, make-up artist, producer, actors and extras. Homemade art has never been more popular than during the first lockdown: Instagram was flooded with true-to-life copies of the most beautiful paintings, simulated from the living room. Timing is everything and that is why Club Classique is coming up with this project right now.

When the Ear meets the Eye

The concert halls are closed, the museums closed. It feels like an eternity. Club Classique used that time to let the fantasy bubble. During this performance everything comes together, the boundaries between music, painting and film blur and we take you on a journey through the imagination! 

From concert hall to pasture 

On Saturday, 19th June Moving Art will premiere in the Koepelkerk in Amsterdam, home of Club Classique. There will also be received the donors who made the extensive process of making the living paintings possible through a Crowdfunding on Voordekunst. Because the project is aimed at a new audience for classical music and painting, performances are also presented in the summer on the town square and a meadow in Friesland. 

The musicians of Club Classique 

The live music in the performance is provided by a Club Classique string quartet. Even more young musicians can be heard in the living paintings, including soprano Laetitia Gerards, flutist Felicia van den End and harpist Doriene Marselje.   

More about Club Classique: 

You come across them everywhere: in the theater, around the corner in the cafe, at home on the TV or just in the wild on a meadow. A performance by Club Classique is full of exciting combinations, other art forms and personal stories. Cellist Leonard Besseling and violinist Myrthe Helder are the two hemispheres that form the brain of Club Classique. For each project they look for new themes and find the right artists, writers, craftsmen and the best musicians in the Netherlands. They find cooperation partners at, among others, the NTR, Theaterzaken ViaRudophi, the Bach Society and the Royal Concertgebouw.