DE BALIE Amsterdam

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Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10,

1017 RR Amsterdam

020 553 5151

De Balie is the stage for the free word, contemporary art, politics and culture at the Leidseplein in Amsterdam. For more than thirty years, De Balie has become a phenomenon in the field of public debate and (art) projects.

The Ball offers a stage of free spirits with different opinions and new ideas. As a platform for new initiatives and ideas, it is the place where artists, politicians, thinkers, opinion leaders, scientists and public meet and comment on developments in society. The Balie has its own permanent editors of professional program makers. They give the free word in a unique way: the programs are at the interface of art, politics, society and science.

Where groups join each other, De Balie invites them to converse with each other. The Bar constantly asks for public, political and media attention. This creates support among a wide audience and the participation of as large a group of people as possible. So that everyone can change their minds, and can form opinions about the issues that affect our society.

The café and restaurant are an integral part of De Balie.