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Grote Markt 16,


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De Hallen is the museum for modern and contemporary art in Haarlem.

Two times a year, De Hallen organises a cluster of exhibitions dealing with current developments in the visual arts. In them, the museum offers a platform for artists from the Netherlands and other countries, with the accent on photography and video art.

The annual exhibition in De Hallen Summer Series sheds light on themes and people in the history of modern art, from around 1850 to the present day, and addresses a wide audience.

De Hallen is part of the Frans Hals Museum/De Hallen Foundation.


The contemporary programming serves to draw attention to new developments; the exhibition policy is oriented to providing varied insights into these developments and into current international art. De Hallen regularly hosts solo presentations by much discussed international artists who have never previously been shown in the Netherlands.


De Hallen holds a collection of modern and contemporary art comprising about 10,000 works. Its collection policy focuses on the work of artists who scrutinise modern society critically. Within this, there are three centres of attention: work which looks at the human experience, work which closely examines society, and work that seeks to provide escape from the sometimes bitter reality.