The DELFT FRINGE FESTIVAL 2023 – Now in it’s 10th year

Photo by Sjoerd Derine

31st May – 11th June.

For nine days you will experience Delft in a different way. In the first two weeks of June, Delft is packed with a wide variety of performances at 28 special locations that you might not otherwise visit. 30 young makers, from cabaret to music, from dance to theater, treat residents and visitors of all ages to a multitude of experiences.

The program is complete and the locations have been selected. “I was surprised by the high number of entries,” says artistic director Tamara Griffioen. “We received no fewer than 285 entries. And all of high quality.” In the end, only 30 could remain, including a number of old acquaintances and many new talents. Remarkable this year was the large number of cabaret entries. “It was difficult to choose, but in the end we have put together a program that is as varied as possible with this selection, with something for everyone,” says Griffioen.

Emerging talent of the future

According to tradition, the winner of 2022, dancer and choreographer Niek Wagenaar, will be back on stage in 2023. Last year he was unanimously awarded the highest rating by the public and won the public award. Wagenaar delves into current events with his performances. Last year this was the search for (gender) identity. This year he raises concerns about climate change and all its consequences with his new performance ‘After All’.

A new eye-catching maker this year is comedian Sebastiaan de Bie. In his cynical, but also romantic performance ‘When starfish come ashore’, he discusses expectations in life and how life often turns out very differently. “People are like starfish,” he says: “life sweeps us along like the current of the sea.”

Special locations

Production manager Brenda Vernee found 28 special Delft locations for the Delft Fringe Festival. Vernee says: “It’s nice to see that so many locations are enthusiastic to work with again. We have many well-known locations that remain worthwhile, because otherwise you don’t get there so quickly, and also a number of new ones.”

Vernee: “The council chamber in Delft Town Hall is once again a wonderful location this year. And what I am personally very happy about is involving the TU district in the festival. In the first festival weekend, the four locations in this district form a second festival hub, in addition to the hub in the city center.”

Fringe Tours

To complete the experience, it is also possible to book a Fringe Tour. This year you can choose from an impressive collection of tour guides. From well-known Delvenaar to cultural stage animal. For example, experience the festival together with comedian Pieter Jouke, journalist Marco Dreijer from De Cultuurvlogger or artist Tijn Noordenbos. Together with them you will visit three performances at different locations.

About Delft Fringe Festival

Over the past 10 years, the Delft Fringe Festival has grown into one of the most important theater festivals for young makers. The festival offers makers a place to perform and receive feedback from both the public and professionals, including impresarios and scouts. There is a public award to be won, resulting in a lot of media attention. The festival organization offers extra guidance in the artistic career of the talents.

There is a good chance that you will see today’s makers in the main halls next year. Some resounding names that once performed at the Delft Fringe Festival are: Vlamousse, Lisa Ostermann, Tappin-it Collective, Jasper Smit, Kirsten van Teijn, Matroesjka (Lisa Loeb), Kiki Schipper, Sanne Vleugels (De Prima Donna’s), Dion van Rijt , LUDIQUE, Jasper van Kuijk and The Stamped Girls.

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