Delft Fringe Festival & Museum Prinsenhof present LIGHTS EVENING

12th December.

After its success in 2022, the Van der Mandele Hall in Museum Prinsenhof Delft is once again the place to be on Lichtjesavond 2023. In this impressive historic hall, the museum and Delft Fringe Festival will treat the city to a wonderful evening full of dance and music.

The artists have created their choreography and music especially for this evening and location. They were inspired by the exhibition Masters in Rhythm and Light about Jan Schoonhoven and Lothar Wolleh, which is now on display in the museum. The five dancers perform their performances one after the other on a stage in the middle of the hall. The program lasts 50 minutes in total.

Jan Schoonhoven was inspired by details from the streetscape of Delft, such as fences and roof tiles. He repeated those geometric shapes, making it special. Light and shadow played an important role here. The work of Jan Schoonhoven is therefore ideally suited to inspire a performance that combines dance, music and light. The lines in his work, the play between light and dark, the contrast between hard and soft surfaces and the symmetry that is often present, are like fuel for a creative fire.