Tappin-it Collective, De Prima Donna’s and Niek Wagnaar hit the road.

Pack your suitcases, unfold the map and head into the country. The talents of Delft Fringe Festival go out and get off the beaten track. Delft Fringe Festival is known for its hidden theatre talents, future big names and surprisingly versatile performances. Especially for the 12½  -year anniversary in 2022, Delft Fringe Festival and Impresariaat WILLEM give each other a high five. This fall, they’ll head out into the country together on highways, country lanes, farm trails and off-road. Delft Fringe Festival On Tour along the coolest theaters.

The well-travelled sister of Delft Fringe Festival

Delft Fringe Festival On Tour is the well-travelled sister of the famous Delft Fringe Festival. The new theater formula, which Einstein would be jealous of, is touring 11 provinces from Delft. A selection of three young makers who have won the audience award in recent years at the Delft Fringe Festival. Pure crowd favorites. The old hands of later, but in the prime of their theater life. They cross into your province with screeching tires and make sure you look at it with different eyes. Amaze. To tempt. To surprise.

See phenomena in uninhibited infancy

The Delft Fringe Festival connects young talents with explorers and connoisseurs with theater makers. Delft Fringe Festival, affectionately called Fringe, is the cultural springboard for the latest stage generation. The phenomena of later times can still be seen here in uninhibited infancy. This normally all happens in the beautiful setting of the city of Delft, a theater in itself. Delft is Fringe, but Delft likes to share. That is why Delft Fringe Festival is going on tour.

Planks to the stage-uhm?

You can see tomorrow’s talents on stage! It’s that simple. It’s going to be so beautiful. Take a chance? Order a ticket quickly through the theater near you! The playing period runs from October to December 2022 and they will visit Almere, Coevorden, Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Sittard, Leiden, Utrecht, Groningen, Enschede, Middelburg and Bergeijk.


Enjoy an evening-filling program with three performances by the audience winners of the past festival editions:

  • Tappin-It Collective won the audience award in 2021 with a promising genre: theatrical tap dance. Their dance performance is infused with tap, mime and percussion and they promise not to stop until their feet catch on fire!
  • The Prima Donnas show that opera really doesn’t have to be dusty and old-fashioned. In 2018 they won the audience award at the Delft fringe Festival and in 2022 they won the Delft Chamber Music Award (jury prize).
  • And the winner of Delft Fringe Festival 2022 is also going on tour: dancer and choreographer Niek Wagenaar , who managed to touch the audience in a soft and enchanting way with his performance Nymphs.