Delft’s Spring Kunstkamer re-scheduled for November

It was sadly no surprise that the Spring Kunstkamer in Delft had to be cancelled. The good news is that it has been re-scheduled and will now take place on 7th and 8th November 2020.

The twice yearly KunstKamer, held in a wonderful five-hundred-year-old canal-side private house on Delft’s grand Oude Delft canal, has become one of the high-spots of the social and artistic calendar in the city.

Ramon Dykgraaf and his partner Marc Cals throw open their doors to the public to show the work of five or 6 artists each May and November. The shows are organised with Joke Doedens and Simone Haak who run Terra, a ceramics gallery in Delft.

The November exhibition will include the following artists

    Carolein Smit – ceramics

    Lotte van Lieshout – paintings assemblages

    Jeroen Henneman – objects

    Jorn van Leeuwen – paintings

    Peter Beard – ceramics