ENGLISH STAND-UP at Theater PePijn in The Hague

Nira Tal, Rohit Bhatia, Glodi Lugungu and Desiree Burch – four comedians, four unique perspectives, one delightful night of comedy at the Theater Pepijn in The Hague.

Nira Tal kicked off the evening with her razor-sharp wit and unapologetic humour. Tal’s ability to find humour in the mundane, including anecdotes about being married to a Dutch man, struck a chord with the audience. Her clever wordplay and impeccable timing, coupled with a few saucy sexual jokes, kept the crowd engaged from start to finish.

Rohit Bhatia took the stage next, whose charismatic stage presence lit up the room. Bhatia’s take on life in Europe as an Indian-native sparked everything from laughter and empathy to downright frustration at times. He covers stuff ranging from race relations and cultural appropriation all tied into foreign policies, immigration, and religious persecution.

Then, Glodi Lugungu stepped up on the stage. Usually crushing the comedy scene in Dutch, this was his first crack at it in English. His take on cultural differences and identity politics, blended with a mix of wit and charm, it’s no wonder Lugungu’s been turning heads in the comedy scene lately.

Last but by no means least, Desiree Burch closed the night with a bang. Her larger-than-life personality and fearless comedy had the audience in fits of giggles. It is no wonder that she has made a name for herself in the comedy scenes of both New York and London. Blending humour with social commentary, she is a force to be reckoned with.

The marvellous MC, Greg Shapiro, wasn’t just good at keeping things running smoothly – he was a comedic genius himself. Shapiro kept the energy high and the audience engaged throughout the unforgettable night.  Eva Lakeman   21st March 2024