Freedom Meal to be served in the Museum Quarter of The Hague

Thursday, 5th May is Liberation Day, the day the Dutch celebrate their freedom. Every year this is a special day and this year even more so. This year we’re in the clear to host Freedom Meals in public. Side by side, in large(r) numbers and for the first time in this setting in The Hague. And the city is showing off! Join us for lunch on the Lange Voorhout or at one of the other locations. Eat ‘Vrijheidssoep’ at home or at one of the participating restaurants in the city. Talk to each other about freedom and unfreedom.

At the request of the National Committee 4th and 5th May, fa-bricage, together with Stichting Museumkwartier Den Haag, is organizing a Freedom Meal on the Lange Voorhout in The Hague this year. “We believe that freedom can only arise when we get to know each other. When we understand each other better, have less fear then freedom can grow. Eating together is a great way to connect with each other” say Floor & Anne-lyke of fa -bricage. Marcel Westerdiep, chairman of the Museum Quarter Foundation, adds: “During the Freedom Meal, guests will be surprised by a performance of the museums and theatres of the Museum Quarter. We want to create a unique place where art, culture, theatre and music inspire people to engage and talk about freedom.”

Easter has the “Easter eggs”, Liberation Day has the “Vrijheidsssoep”! The Freedom Meals in The Hague are all about soup. This year the healthy recipe is made by Nadia Zeraouli. The recipe is inspired by the Moroccan Harira of her mother.

Meet & greet at the lunch table

On 5th May, 500 residents of The Hague will be invited to join a 120-metre long table for lunch at the Lange Voorhout. The lunch will served and prepared by the Participation Kitchen.

Residents from all neighborhoods will get together to eat the Vrijheidssoep and to discuss the theme ‘freedom’. This will take place at “The Table of the idea” and is an initiative of the Parade. The table is a catwalk, stage and dinner table all at the same time. Various cultural institutions from the Museum Quarter, including Diligentia, The National Theatre, Museum Bredius and the Mauritshuis will take care of the program. More about the program will be announced later this month.  


Fancy an earlier lunch?

Would you like to enjoy the soup before May 5th? Dudok Den Haag will be serving this special fresh Freedom Soup from 1st May, after the recipe by Nadia Zerouali with its own twist. On 5th May, other hospitality locations in The Hague at the Plein, Plaats, Grote Markt and Denneweg will follow. If you are there anywat, feel free to buy two tins of soup. One can for yourself, to eat at home together. The other for the Food bank, for someone who can use some support.

Pull up a chair and join in

On Liberation Day, the Participation Kitchen and various community centers are organizing a Freedom Meal or a cooking workshop at various locations in the city. Everyone is welcome to join. Here too, fresh soup is on the menu. Cooking together and chatting, while meeting other fellow citizens. Don’t let this Liberation Day pass, sign-up and join the conversation about our freedom. Find a location in your neighborhood on the website.

Would you like to do something for your fellow citizens? Organize your own Freedom Meal at a community centre, with neighbours or at your sports club. On you can find the soup recipe and register your meal.