The Groninger Museum and Museum Gouda host “special guest” exhibitions. These two museums exchanged works from their collections. From Gaugain to Toorop, to be found at Museum Gouda, shows works from a collection left to the Groninger Museum.

The works of art displayed in From Gaugain to Toorop are part of a collection compiled by Mr. Veendorp. This architect and art lover was especially interested in art capturing nature and emotions it evokes.

Displayed in four rooms of Museum Gouda, are works by famous and lesser-known artists. Visitors come across works by for instance Paul Gauguin, Odilon Redon, Isaac Israels, Jan Mankes, and Carel Willink.

Some works show typically Dutch landscapes. There is a wonderfully serene one, capturing a quiet pinkish dawn or sunset, with flood rising to claim back mud flats. A few other landscapes capture this serene mood.

Further into the exhibition, there are paintings by different artists, capturing deserted Dutch village streets. The light and colours differ greatly from an early work by Gaugain; depicting a church at the end of a street.

The works capturing deserted village streets, contrast greatly with the bustling evening scene painted by Israels. Artificial street lights and lights in a hat shop, show customers as well as people passing through the busy Amsterdam street.

Carel Willink is represented by a typical work. His painting shows a mysterious park with damaged sculptures, drawing visitors into the painting towards a distant manor. On the other hand, where visitors perhaps expect dreamy scenes by Redon, there is his painting of a small vase containing colourful poppies.

From Gaugain to Toorop is not the only exhibition at the museum in Gouda. In three rooms, along the top floor of the period building is a modern one. Museum Gouda’s former director Josine de Bruyn Kops (1976-1986) worked hard to improve the position of female artists.  Former Minister and feminist Hedy d’Ancona chose thirty works by female artists, added to the museum’s collection by Ms de Bruyn Kops.

Kate Den  19th October 2018

From Gaugain to Toorop continues until 6th of January 2019.


Photo of Gaugain painting, collection Groninger Museum, by John Stoel