Galerie ART JACOBS, Delft

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Nieuwe Langendijk 10
2611 VK Delft
tel: 06-46478874

Galerie ART JACOBS is the domain – studio and gallery – of artist René Jacobs. Almost a modern-day Dutch Hogarth his witty, usually irreverent pictures poke fun, make political or social comment or are just a good visual joke or pun. He often buys old paintings from flea markets or junk shops and paints over them inserting and juxtaposing an element of modern urban life into tranquil Dutch landscapes. He will often take photographic elements which he then has printed on canvas and then paints over them – like a down-on-his-luck Keith Richards driving a road sweeper through Delft’s main square. Some pictures are serious, some are witty, all are clever.