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Stadhouderslaan 41,

Den Haag

Tel.+ 31 070 3381111

With 150,000 works of art, the Kunstmuseum (formerly Gemeentemuseum) is one of Europe’s biggest art museums. It has a leading collection of modern and contemporary art, fashion and decorative arts. It is also the international home of Piet Mondrian, with no fewer than 300 works by the famous Dutch artist in its collection. This is the only museum where Mondrian’s life and progress towards abstract art unfold before your eyes, surrounded by illustrious predecessors and contemporaries like Monet, Picasso and Kandinsky, and successors like Sol Lewitt, Francis Bacon and Louise Bourgeois.

With the magnificent building, an undeniably beautiful piece of architecture in itself, designed in 1935 by H.P. Berlage, Kunstmuseum catalogues the development of contemporary art. With frequent bids to animate painting and sculpture through interactive presentations from artists, Kunstmuseum offers a fresh, dynamic approach to the perusal of contemporary art.

The number 17 tram which passes both main railway stations and continues through the town centre stops right outside. The Kunstmuseum is part of a complex of museums that also includes Museom, the Fotomuseum and KM21 (formerly GEM Museum of Contemporary Art)

As well as the fine modern artists on show, the ultra-modern building, owing much to the influence of Mondrian, also houses, rather incongruously some reconstructed historical rooms and has a fine enclosed central courtyard where refreshments may be taken.

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