Graffiti artist René Turrek turns grill-bag into masterpiece – spotted among 3 kilometers of boats.

During the first week of September the water sports fair HISWA te Water took place featuring 3km of boats, clearly displayed on 5000m2 extra piers and in the 75-meter-long entrance tent. A versatile outdoor fair with all kinds of boats including sloops, sailing yachts and motorboats plus remarkably many houseboats. Furthermore, themes such as electric sailing and sustainability played a big role. What drew the attention was the area of sustainability, especially the SKOTTI stand where many art-hearts beat a bit faster.

An usual canvas
The SKOTTI booth featured the German artist René Turrek to celebrate its fourth barbecue season and attending HISWA te Water in Batavia Haven for the first time. To mark the occasion, the well-known Turrek created a unique work of art using a SKOTTI-bag as canvas. What makes it unique is that the grill comes in a storage bag made of truck canvas, which can also be used as a surface while grilling on gas.

It was a true spectacle of color and great to see the passion and enthusiasm. Turrek took about 2½  hours to sketch, paint and fine-tune his masterpiece with Looney Tunes characters. The bag with the barbecue will be auctioned off later in the year and the money will go to charity.

Here’s what René said about the collaboration: “I actually own a SKOTTI-grill and I always love to be creative on any challenging surface. When I was approached for this challenge, I obviously didn’t have to think long about accepting it. A no-brainer.”

Did you know?
Turrek is world famous for his unconventional materials and his own styles. Whether on Ocean Drive in Miami or on the Empire State Building, on luxury cars, helicopters or on Marco Reus’ headphones and Justin Bieber’s sneakers, on large or small canvases – René Turrek has left his signature all over the world.

The beauty of the boat-fair was experiencing art at an unexpected location; a true gem on a sunny day.    Mareille Prevo    11th September 2022