HIGHLIGHT DELFT 2024 at locations throughout the city

From artificial intelligence and AI to particulate matter and the smallest molecules that float invisibly around us. Get ready to dive into unknown worlds with the help of installations created by innovative makers in unique locations…..

Highlight Delft was created as a technical light art route at several indoor and outdoor locations in Delft in 2017. Since 2018, Highlight Delft has been showing future ideas from artists, designers, researchers, students and companies to a wide audience at unique locations, some of which are especially for Highlight Delft opens its doors.

For three evenings you will discover a special view of the future in Delft. Experimental installations show an inspiring fusion of art and technology, spread throughout the city center of Delft.

This unique collaboration with innovative and experimental results is proudly presented during Highlight Delft.

See the unseen and discover the future at Highlight Delft 15th – 17th February 2024