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Korte Vijverberg 7

2513 AB Den Haag  

Tel. 070 364 69 40

The Hague Historical Museum (Haags Historisch Museum) displays the history of The Hague in all its facets. Cityscapes and portraits, silverware and glass collections, doll’s houses and Dutch Royal memorabilia bring the stories of the city to life and shed light on local history and culture. Temporary exhibitions place typical Hague subjects under the spotlight. They also convey how versatile the city of The Hague is.

Located in the centre of the city overlooking the Hofvijver lake and the Dutch parliament, it is situated in a former guild house which is worth a visit in its own right.

The Hague is unlike other Dutch cities the seat of government and the royal residence, but not the capital. The diversity of this unique city comes to life in the Historical Museum of The Hague. A beautiful ‘view of The Hague’ painted by Jan van Goyen illustrates the contradiction between court and town. The royal story is told by paintings and silver. There is an excellent collection of doll’s houses as well as domestic items and a room relating to the German occupation during World War II.