Instant Loneliness at Korzo Theater in The Hague

9th & 10th December.

Travel through a landscape full of dreams.

Hundreds of thousands of people live in this city.
And in all those people, millions, if not billions of dreams ferment.
And most of those countless dreams at some point come to nothing.
Not a bad thing on its own; on the contrary, imagine that all these dreams would come true and be realised.
It would mean catastrophe.

But of all of those hundreds of thousands of people with those millions of unfulfilled dreams, many  feel seriously inadequate and lonely.
What are we to do about this mass grave of expectations?
How do you teach man to deal with loss, deception, and loneliness?

In Instant Loneliness, an unusual guide takes you through a landscape filled with dreams to a musical concert of life by eight cellists and a dancer; it’s a total experience that takes us from loneliness to connection.

We invite you to join us to start on a special social location in The Hague. From there, we will walk together, yet individually, along a unique route with headphones to Korzo. These special walks with music and new city sounds by composer Kate Moore – interwoven with stories from The Hague, written specially by author Kees Roorda – form the starting point of the performance and lead you finally to the theatre auditorium where an intimate encounter will take place with the eight cellists of Cello Octet Amsterdam and dancer Pedro Ricardo Henry.

Instant Loneliness is the final part of the Instant triptych by Via Berlin and Cello Octet Amsterdam, this time in partnership with Korzo.