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Korzo is an intimate and adventurous theatre in the old town centre of The Hague. For more than thirty years, Korzo has been a leading venue for music, dance, theatre, and of late, also for contemporary circus. Korzo’s programs bring the public close to the talents of today and tomorrow.

Upon entering the theatre, the most common reaction is one of mute astonishment. Then the words follow: that there is such a place in The Hague! Who designed it? What does the intriguing design on the interior wall mean? Who works here and what goes on here?

For the public attending a performance, the course of an evening in Korzo is difficult to predict, but anyone who accepts the challenge will be surprised. Korzo invests in young talent and prefers to make performances and events for everyone who is willing to look past the end of his nose, for people who have a pronounced curiosity and are up for an out-of-the-ordinary evening at the theatre. And as an extra bonus you can meet artists from al over the world in the relaxed atmosphere of the Korzo bar.

Some of the events reviewed by ArtsTalk Magazine

Holland Dance Festival Summa     February 2018

Holland Dance Festival Other events   February 2018

About Miss Julie    February 2018

We Are Nowhere Else But Here     February 2018

Dans Click 19   February 2018

Bending the Walls   March 2018

CirqueMania   March 2018

Drawn from Circus Rehearsals Exhibition by Britt van Eijk    March 2018

De Moraalridder  January 2019

Dorian Grey   December 2018

Quite Discontinuous    December 2018

Here We Live and Now     November 2018

Superhuman: Our Inner Darkness   November 2018

India Dance Festival    October 2018

Debut van Björk    January 2019

CaDance Festival      January 2019

Cantata        February 2019

Fantastic Women    March 2019

Crash Ensemble     March 2019

The Ives Ensemble     April 2019

The Catchpenny Ensemble     April 2019

The Great Little People       April 2019

Voix Libres      April 2019

Moving Futures Festival    May 2019

Up and Coming      June 2019

Here We Live and Now    November 2019