MAMA, Rotterdam

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Witte de Withstraat 29-31
3012 BL Rotterdam
T +31 (0)10 2332022

Bringing visual artistry bang up to date is the MAMA Showroom, exhibiting cutting edge visual presentation, focusing on cultivating and encouraging artists and audiences in the 16-26 age bracket. MAMA coordinate live events alongside exhibitions and talks on popular culture, as well as publishing multiple books and magazines on techniques and basic understanding of manipulating tape, audio and visual culture.

MAMA is a platform for visual culture in Rotterdam. We develop young talent through productions and presentations at the interface of art and popular culture. MAMA realises presentations, exhibitions, books and magazines, performances, master classes, and events in its showroom, online, and on location, both locally and internationally.


MAMA’s programme is rooted in youth and popular culture and takes place in areas where broader cultural developments – social, technological, economic – become visible within contemporary art practice. New tendencies often emerge outside of the institutional context – online and offline, the private sphere and public domain. This setting is where collective activity thrives and where culture and creativity can manifest beyond institutional consent. MAMA closely follows the developments of a young generation of artists, striving to achieve this through invitation, support, and development.

TEAM MAMA & Artistic New Talents

Above all, MAMA is a community. MAMA works together with a large and diverse group of emerging professionals: MAMA’s Artistic New Talents (ANTs). They provide feedback, solicited and unsolicited, on our content and the direction of the programme and the organisation. Many have become staff members or participated in our exhibitions and projects. Our supporters – both organisation and audience – are actively engaged, ambitious, and articulate.