MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY (Natuurhistorisch Museum) Rotterdam

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Westzeedijk 345 (Museum Park)
3015 AA Rotterdam

Phone: 010 4364222

The Natural History Museum Rotterdam (Natuurhistorisch Museum) is a low-threshold museum for all ages focused on the (city) nature, natural history and geological history of Rotterdam and beyond. With the collection as a base, the museum offers a relative and striking view of the ever-amazing nature through knowledge and education, publications, exhibitions and other public activities. The museum puts together a combination of seriousness and humor to cultivate appreciation for nature and emphasize the importance of global biodiversity and the biodiversity city.

In addition to the traditional museums core activities (collecting, preserving, managing, studying and exhibiting the collection), the Natural History, with its research department Bureau Stadsnatuur, also focuses on its role as a nature connoisseur and demand for urban residents, directors and companies. Especially because the changing and growing city – as a biotope – becomes an increasingly important habitat for humans, animals and plants.