Vater by Uwe Fehrmann

For many years Achim and Dorothee Künsebeck  have been travelling the world in the diplomatic service and in 2010 they decided to launch Goldrotschwartz German Arthouse as an art and event agency in Hong Kong.

Their mission was and is to present not only German, but also international – emerging or already renowned – artists. The main goal is to create an exchange between nations and cultures of the world. Now residing in The Hague they are currently working on future projects with German and Dutch artists.

But, due to the current situation, galleries, museums and all art institutions are unfortunately closed. However, Achim and Dorothee would like to support their artists and to continue to be active. Starting in April they will showcase outstanding and surprising artwork in their new online exhibition which will change every month.

The current online exhibition of UWE FEHRMANN runs until 31st May.

The focus is on people in their self-discovery and self-knowledge, connected with their dialectical relationship to society and the environment. The painter, who lives in Hamburg, creates complex sculptures that refer to current, but also fundamental questions and provide answers, if any, only in the beginning. His large-format works are in private collections and are shown in museums and galleries worldwide.

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