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Entrepotdok 4
1018 AD Amsterdam
The Netherlands 

The Amsterdam-based company Nicole Beutler Projects, led by choreographer and artistic director Nicole Beutler, makes visual dance theatre that cannot be categorized. 

In addition to developing our own performances, we are committed to a healthy and diverse ecosystem for innovative dance, performance and mime in Amsterdam.

Nicole Beutler Projects realizes the performances and initiatives of choreographic theatre artist and artistic director Nicole Beutler. We create interdisciplinary, visual performances for large and small venues at home and abroad.

Our projects are driven by the desire for a better society. With all her activities, Nicole Beutler invites a critical reflection on human existence. “It is my responsibility as an artist to open up new spaces in our thinking, both socially and artistically. Together we can change the world.”

Nicole Beutler Projects is committed to a healthy, thriving and diverse ecosystem for innovative dance and performance. This is reflected in the support of new makers and in activities to strengthen the scene.

We work from a philosophy in which non-hierarchical cooperation, slow production, long-term vision and care for the whole person and the planet are central. Nicole Beutler Projects stands for high quality, attention and care. Based on these values, we are building a diverse and inclusive community.

Nicole Beutler

Nicole Beutler (Munich, 1969) has a background in visual arts and German literature and studied choreography at the SNDO in Amsterdam. In the past twenty years, Beutler has left her mark on the Dutch performing arts with her unique signature. Since 2009, Beutler has been the artistic director of her own company Nicole Beutler Projects. In addition to many nominations, her work has been awarded the VSCD Mime Prize (2009) and the Dioraphte Prize (2014). In 2018, Beutler received the Gieskes-Strijbis Podium Prize for her oeuvre.

In her career, Beutler has allowed the body to ‘speak’ in all kinds of ways: in relation to many dance forms, to opera, urban arts, (live) music, text theatre, puppetry and visual arts. As an artist she thinks beyond genres and makes theater as Gesamtkunstwerk: form and content of each element – movement, word, space, light, sound, costumes – are carefully weighed in relation to each other and to the spectator. With her curious eye, Beutler always involves new influences in her work and thus stretches the boundaries of what dance is. The performances have universal, topical themes as a starting point; themes that concern everyone. Beutler’s mission is to translate the conditio humana into a visual language that enables reflection by the viewer. In this she always looks for the essence, simplicity and clarity.