Operadagen Rotterdam to be known as O.

Another surprise name change for an established Rotterdam institution.

After 15 years, Operadagen will disappear to make way for a new name. As a loyal fan of Operadagen Rotterdam you will recognize in O. a festival that focuses on adventure, talented makers and cross-links with many genres: from performance to electropop and from smartlap to street culture. New audiences are welcomed by a festival that says: forget what you know about “opera”, let O. surprise you!

O. is a festival for curious visitors. O. stands for opera and breaking open the genre. O. doesn’t think in boxes. O. is Opera. Music. Theater. O. is open minded. O. moves, renews and connects. O. is as diverse as Rotterdam. The festival takes place from Monday 10th to Monday 17th May 2021 at various locations in Rotterdam. The program will be announced later this spring via the renewed website.   O-festival.nl

Oh and why ?!  Listen (and watch) the special episode of the podcast ‘Are Ze Nou Helemaal Gedlogen?’ and learn all about O.’s course and the brand new look & feel of the festival. But you also get an answer to the question why the name ‘Operadagen Rotterdam’ really had to be thrown away after 15 years. Guests are Hans Blik (business director O.), Rajiv Bhagwanbali (director), Ylaysa Harris (marketer O.) and Hanneke Minten (senior designer Das Buro). Presentation: Simone van Hulst.