OperaZuid announces 2021-22 New Season

Never before has the hunger for the live experience, which makes opera such a captivating art, been greater. In opera you are directly touched by the human voice, you feel music and theater firsthand and you are jointly enchanted by the magic of the unrepeatable moment. Season 21-22 brings creative joy and artistic dreams. Opera Zuid celebrates love, and we do it live! We are proud to present five operas in the coming season, allowing us to depict the entire spectrum of the love experience in five different ways. This season, William Shakespeare is our guide.


Premiere: Friday, 12th November 2021, Theater a/h Vrijthof, Maastricht. Tour until 11th December, 2021 

Great love stories have always influenced our way of dealing with and thinking about love. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is such a story: the young lovers perish because the social reality in which they live leaves no room for their love. Charles Gounod wrote an overwhelming romantic version of the story with Roméo & Juliette. The young team around director Julien Chavaz and conductor Philipp Pointner will present a fresh lecture that zooms in on the clash between individual emotion and social context.


Premiere: Sunday 22nd  May 2022, Parktheater Eindhoven. Tour until 18th June, 2022 

Benjamin Britten’s masterpiece A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a bittersweet comedy about love and infidelity, about the confusion and enchantment of love, which even fairy kings cannot escape. Britten’s intoxicating music delves deep into the emotional worlds of the emotionally enchanted characters. Director Ola Mafaalani flawlessly senses the sensuality of the score, and connects the sensory intoxication of music and theater with a sensitive total experience for all senses. Together with the acclaimed conductor Karel Deseure, she turns this Midsummer Night’s Dream into an exuberant celebration of love and life.

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