Refresh Amsterdam Exhibition extended until 25th July

New perspectives on the city at the Amsterdam Museum On 11th December 2020 the exhibition Refresh Amsterdam opened at the Amsterdam Museum. Taking place in various locations throughout the city, this first edition of the Refresh Amsterdam biennial exhibition, with Sense of Place as its theme, features 25 contemporary makers who, through their work, show perspectives on the city that are still under-represented. Their works provide insight into how different people relate to Amsterdam, and whether they are able to feel at home in the city. The exhibition was open for only three days when, due to Covid the museum, and therefore the exhibition, had to close.

The Amsterdam Museum extends Refresh Amsterdam and the exhibition can be visited after the museum opens until Sunday 25th July.

Curator of Refresh Amsterdam, Imara Limon said, ‘The collaborative project Refresh Amsterdam is based on the realisation that urban culture is determined by people with all sorts of backgrounds, networks, and traditions, who are constantly in motion. People who are visibly and invisibly connected to one another, and who relate to each other. This edition of Refresh Amsterdam, ‘Sense of Place’, is about people, their perceptions of a place, and the ways in which they try to make that place their own. This group of 25 contemporary makers, with their diverse ways of thinking and backgrounds, contribute to a wider picture of Amsterdam then and now, and to that of urban culture in a broad sense.”

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