Over three hundred registrations for 2024 RIDCC

Over three hundred choreographers from around the world registered for Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition 2024 (RIDCC).

The digital doors of RIDCC are closed and talented choreographers from all over the world had up until Friday March 1st to sign up for the sixth edition.

This year there were up to 324 registrations! RIDCC is the only yearly choreography competition for duets. Choreographers from all over the world signed in with the dream of showcasing their duet on the stage of RIDCC. With 57 different nationalities, from Italy to China and from Argentina to Australia, RIDCC showcases that it is a stage for up and coming talents to represent themselves and evolve professionally. 

All 324 duets are being viewed as we speak by the judges who will eventually choose 16 duets for the dancing competition. Maya Roest & Mischa van Leeuwen, founders & artistic leaders RIDCC said, ‘’We are overwhelmed with the enormous amount of responses and were amazed to receive 324 registrations from talented choreographers from all over the world. As Artistic leaders of RIDCC we are proud and grateful for the diverse and inspiring palette of registrations that we were able to receive. It is heart-warming to see how creativity and passion come together in the many duets which have been sent to us and to see that worldwide there are so many up and coming talented choreographers. We would like to thank all of the 324 choreographers for their entries and trust. We are looking forward to, together with the 16 selections, host an unforgettable edition of RIDCC. The qualities of the entries promise a spectacular and inspiring edition, where the power of a duet is central. We cannot wait to experience the magic of the selected duets on the stage of Theater Rotterdam during RIDCC 2024.”

First prize with a value of €100,000 & many Partner Awards
Participation in RIDCC is a meaningful prize in itself, as it offers the selected choreographers access to an exclusive network, the opportunity to share knowledge with like-minded people and participation in an in-depth program of workshops, masterclasses, network meetings and coaching sessions. In this way, young talents are provided with valuable tools to enter the dance world in a professional and confident manner. The choreographers will compete for the dance world’s largest and most unique choreography award: the €100,000 XL Production Award; a significant budget that enables the winning choreographer to create a complete, professional production. This is made possible by Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Stichting Droom en Daad, and RIDCC.

To offer the choreographers even more opportunities, RIDCC has partnerships with (inter)national dance companies and institutions. All RIDCC partners underline the collective importance of talent development and each contribute in their own way. From the sixteen participants, the partners choose the winner of the Partner Award, in order to stimulate new work. 

IDCC Brings Back
In addition to the duet competition, which is central, RIDCC presents RIDCC Brings Back on the Schouwburgplein: former participants who have developed considerably in recent years and with whom RIDCC feels a strong affinity will be given a place at the event. This year, Danae & Dionysios (XL Production winners 2018) will return with two location performances. In the afternoon, the choreographic duo will present a performance that is also suitable for young audiences, Napi, the girl and the bubble. This choreography tells the story of a fascinating friendship between a girl and a mysterious, but familiar creature. In addition, they will also present their latest work Fάrιsa, which follows two characters in their desire for connection and contact. Both plays will be performed on Friday and Saturday as an outdoor performance (four in total), on the Schouwburgplein.