A unique collaboration of the New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra, LantarenVenster and Scapino Ballet Rotterdam.

27th May at 20.30

Length: 90 Minutes  Access to livestream: 30 minutes before start

In a series of four performances, in conjunction with LantarenVenster, the New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra (NRJO) enters into daring collaborations with other Rotterdam based artists. In this second edition, the Scapino dancers merge with the musicians in the intimate setting of LantarenVenster.

Rite Here Rite Now

The performance which evolved in the three days that the groups spent together in LantarenVenster, was named Rite Here Rite Now. Romain Bly (NRJO): “The gathering was like a ritual in which art was created spontaneously, in a flow and in one place by musicians, dancers and technicians together. It is important to us that the meeting took place specifically in Rotterdam, because this city is our home. Each of us has experienced so many magical moments in Rotterdam and this was another one.”

Most of the performance is improvised. Some parts are collectively choreographed on the spot. The music was written especially for the occasion and includes Taglingja and Babbel, these pieces will be released on the new NRJO album, to be expected in September.

At the end of this livestream there’s a Q&A with a Scapino dancer and a musician of NRJO.