Stedelijk Museum Schiedam buys work by Iris Kensmil, Iriée Zamblé and Eugenie Boon

Irée Zamblé, Bread and Butter, 2020, Collection of Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

In most figurative paintings we see who was important: dressed white men and women. With the purchase of three paintings by Iris Kensmil, Eugenie Boon and Iriée Zamblé, the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam broadens that view and its own collection. “We bought work by artists who portray the diverse world around us, a world that you don’t see enough of in art,” says director Anne de Haij. ‘The work of Iris Kensmil is also a portrait of Gloria Wekker, emeritus professor of Gender and Ethnicity. Many artists and creatives who speak out about representation in art in their work are inspired by Wekker.’ These paintings fit in with the museum, which collects work by socially engaged artists, among other things. The purchase is possible thanks to the Mondriaan Fund.