STET presents SONS OF ABRAHAM at Zaal 3

‘When you love someone so much – you’d rather kill them than leave them’

SONS OF ABRAHAM by Raphael Rodan and Sahand Sahebdivani.

Directed by Tom Radcliffe.

Two Kurdish brothers Adil and Sami(r) do their last night shift as cleaners of a brothel in the Red-light District. They are about to return to Iraq, to give a dignified farewell to their recently deceased mother. But they have not been honest to each other about their plans…

Five years of living illegally have changed the brothers. Sami aspires to Western life in its full glory, especially the free thinking. Adil misses the collective sense of life from his home country and has increasingly returned to his religious roots.

While the brothers are cleaning and discussing the impending departure, we go back in time. They tell stories about their flight, discuss Western values, Eastern standards, exclusion, assimilation and wrestle with the immense internal conflict that both brothers experience. Like in many biblical stories, they are tied together by their brotherhood, but is it enough to keep them together…?

In Sons of Abraham nothing is what it seems at first glance

Sons of Abraham was premiered on 23rd September at Theater Bellevue in Amsterdam.