STET presents Bacchae Underworld at Theater aan het Spui in The Hague

The premiere of music theatre performance by Zoe Xanthopoulou and Nikos Ioakeim.

The Bacchae is considered to be one of Euripides’ greatest tragedies.

But what if we told the story in a different way?

Dionysus: known as the god of wine and fertility, but also of insanity and ritual madness. According to Euripides’s tragedy The Bacchae, Dionysus came into the world to disturb the order in the city of Thebes; creating a world full of madness, chaos and sexual debauchery.

Now, let’s reverse it.

In a world driven by unruly instincts and pleasures, a new god appears. He proposes a new lifestyle as the only solution for true well-being of the people; a society defined by collected and rational laws, rules and decision making. The stranger persuades the society to adapt to this new normal. But at what costs?

This music theatre performance is a unique collaboration between director Zoe Xanthopoulou and composer Nikos Ioakeim with a cast of Greek and deaf German actors.


This performance uses Greek spoken language and has English surtitles.