STET, THE ENGLISH THEATRE in The Hague needs your help!

Times are hard for theatres all over the world with virtually no income coming in. Survival will be a challenge and they cannot do it alone.

In addition to the coronavirus Elske Van Holk and the team at STET has received another cruel blow. They were devastated to learn of the advice delivered by the advisory committee of the Kunstenplan for funding for 2021-2024.

According to the adviescommissie, STET should not be granted any structural subsidy for the coming period. 

However, STET is not giving up easily! They have another round to appeal and there is still a chance they will get a positive decision from the Municipality of The Hague in September. They still have the chance to get funding, but they can only do it with the help of the public.

Without STET the international cultural climate of The Hague will be severely depleted.

Please sign the Petition! via @Change

You can also let the Alderman of Culture, Robert van Asten know ( or approach the political party of your preference to state your case. Do not forget to cc STET.

Listen to the ArtsTalk Radio show dedicated to the STET appeal