THE BEAUTY OF IT ALL by NDT2 at Amare in The Hague and on tour

In The Beauty of it All , premièred in Amare in The Hague on 14th March, NDT 2 presents a new work by choreographer and director Maxine Doyle. Doyle, director and choreographer for the British immersive theatre company Punchdrunk, creates her first work for NDT. The programme is a triple bill, and besides this world premiere also presents two works from NDT recent history; Jiří Kylián’s 27’52” , created for NDT2 in 2002 and Minus 16 by Ohad Naharin, created for NDT2 in 1999. The tour continues until 2nd May.

Maxine Doyle  
Maxine Doyle is working with NDT for the first time. Doyle creates immersive theatre experiences for her company Punchdrunk. Cinematic, physically driven works which interrogate and express the complexities of the human condition. In the creation process she draws inspiration from the instinct of the dancers and their responses in the given moment, constantly investigating ways in which the dancing connects to narrative and intention. For this world premiere Doyle is working with composer and SEED ensemble founder Cassie Kinoshi.

Jiří Kilian
Created Kylián 27’52’’ for NDT 2 in 2002, the title refers to the length of the work and to the birth date of then artistic director of NDT 2, Gerald Tibbs. About 27’52” , Kylián says: “It is a work concerned with at least four elements: time, speed, love, and constant changes. […] Every split of a second of our life is responsible for our aging, and every moment of our life represents some kind of change. To me this is a very reassuring and liberating thought. We don’t have to remain the same from our birth to our death. We have the ability to change.”  

Ohad Naharin
Naharin’s Minus 16 was created in 1999 for NDT 2 and celebrates it’s 25th anniversary. The work incorporates music that ranges from Dean Martin to mambo, and from techno to traditional Israeli music and uses improvisation and Naharin’s acclaimed “Gaga” method, a unique dance language challenging dancers to express themselves in new ways. The work is unpredictable and fun, and every performance is different. And that’s exactly why it fits NDT 2 like a glove.   

Photo by and © Joris Jan Bos