THE HOME TRAVELER is ready to visit you

An exciting theatrical suitcase concept starts February.

De Thuisreiziger – an offline performance, delivered at home – is presented by harpist and initiator Miriam Overlach, designer Elze van den Akker, interdisciplinary artist Willem Wits and composer Wilbert Bulsink and will start in February 2021. The Home Traveler is available 120 times. Ticket sales have started.

Your imagination and senses are stimulated by simple but effective assignments. You change from director to protagonist, set builder, sound engineer… and above all spectator. The Home Traveler is an exciting and musical journey through your own living room and upstairs room. 

An offline show

In the spring of 2020, Miriam Overlach decided that she wanted to make a performance for her audience sitting at home. An offline performance delivered to your door by the artists themselves. Something to do yourself, to experience, to listen to. A concert hall in your living room. Together with composer Wilbert Bulsink, multidisciplinary artist Willem Wits and designer Elze van den Akker, she created De Thuisreiziger.

How does it work?

In the Home Traveler, you build different scenes based on a script. You will find everything you need in the suitcase: decor, props, costumes and above all a lot of music. On the road you are both actor and audience, sound engineer and director. A real Home Traveler. You travel through all kinds of wonderful places on earth (and even beyond) where all your senses are addressed and your living room gradually turns into a theater.

A new theater form

Now that the concert halls are closed, we, the makers, want to bring music, story and experience home to our audience. But how do you transport an audience without the red screen, the follow spot and the concert grand piano? The answer: imagination. This crisis is an excellent opportunity to bring art closer to the people than ever before. You don’t have to look at this art with your hands behind your back: you can touch everything.And what do you see? How does it sound? That is largely up to you. You create your own experience – we only give you the first push.


The Home Traveler takes about an hour and a half. The suitcase will be brought to your home and picked up two hours later. Possible pandemics do not hinder the visitor experience: the suitcase has been carefully disinfected. The Home Traveler requests the presence of at least one adult. The performance can be ordered via There you will also find all information about the available time slots, various locations and other questions.

Photo by Bram Petraeus