THE MARINES MUSEUM (Het Mariniersmuseum) Rotterdam

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THE MARINES MUSEUM (Het Mariniersmuseum)

Wijnhaven 7 – 13
3011 WH Rotterdam

T (010) 412 96 00


The Marine Corps, who has not heard of them? Chances are that you once dreamed as a child to go to the Marine Corps. Or perhaps you’ve done it and the Marines are a part of your life. The Marines Museum tells the story of this almost 350 year old military component in detail. From its founding in 1665 by Johan de Witt and Michiel de Ruyter, internationally known names of format, to date, nearly 350 years of documented history can not possibly be bored in this beautiful museum! And of course, the Marine Museum in Rotterdam, because the Marine Corps has always had a strong connection with Rotterdam. So the Corps has an impressive role in the defense of the Maas bridges in World War II. And there are still Marines based in Rotterdam at the Van Ghent barracks.