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T.T. Neveritaweg 55-57,

1033 WB Amsterdam

Tel 06 48166966


The ‘Treehouse’ opened in November 2019. Treehouse rents out approximately 110 studio spaces to artists and creatives from all art and design disciplines: theater makers, writers and musicians, painters, draftsmen, (fashion) designers, graphic designers, video and visual artists. Every (prospective) professional with a creative profession can rent a studio in the ‘Treehouse’.

In addition to more than 110 individual studios, the small artists’ village on the IJ includes a central meeting room, a shared work hall, a courtyard and a beautiful terrace. An exhibition and performance space will also be built in the spring, where users of the Treehouse can show their work to each other and to the public. In addition to exhibitions and performances, workshops, festivals and other public events are also organized. Anyone with a new idea is welcome, even from outside the Treehouse. The slogan of Treehouse NDSM is ‘ a playground for serious artists ‘.

The Treehouse is an urban treehouse; a place where you can dream, but where you also make your dreams come true. A place for innovation and experiment, where creative talent can develop. Anyone who rents a studio in the Treehouse formulates in advance an ambition or goal to work on in the Treehouse, and determines a way to bring the work to the attention of the public. Everyone is working on that in a focused manner.

In this way, the Treehouse will grow in the coming years into a dynamic community where artists and other creatives inspire and question each other, but also invite a broad audience to come and see and listen to their work, and thus be seen.

Treehouse NDSM is easily accessible to everyone. This combination makes the Treehouse a very valuable addition for makers and audiences from Amsterdam North, the NDSM wharf and all of Amsterdam.

Photo by Gert Jan van Rooij