Atelier Les Deux Garçons at KunstKammer, Delft. Photo by Michael Hasted

The Galerie RuimteRemmelink is showing the work of Maurice Braspenning. Entitled Into the Wild the exhibitions consists of paintings, both large and small, of wild animals – monkeys, wolves and some small paintings, sketches almost, of birds. His monkey painting are bright and bold with lots of ultramarine blue, the hard-edged foliage a bit like Henri Rousseau. The wolves were more muted with greys and browns.

The spring edition of KunstKammer, as usual, mixes painting, sculpture and ceramics. The paintings of Keetje Mans are very unflinching and bright, often portraits, they are uncompromising in their primitive boldness. Gebroeders Miedema’s work is very different, very pastelly with muted colours and I even spotted a monkey. Yuk-Yan Yeung’s ceramics are thin and flat like rolls of paper while Ken Eastman’s vases are impressive and beautifully coloured.

For me the stand-out work was by Atelier Les Deux Garçons – Michel Vanderheijden van Tinteren and Roel Moonen, graduates of the Academy of Visual Arts in Maastricht in plastic design. Their work is half freak show, half practical joke and half fine art. Most of the work is small sculptures, usually utilising parts of a stuffed animal – mice heads were conspicuous. And there was yet another monkey, this time portrayed as St. Sebastian. There were also a lot of painted bronze pieces, often based on a hand or glove. The object consisting of an old-fashioned white Bakelite telephone with a swan’s head integrated into the handset was particularly successful.   Michael Hasted   27th May 2023


Maurice Braspenning at Galerie RuimteRemmelink continues until 1st July. The Kunstkammer is only for two days, 27th/28th May. There will be another one in the autumn.

Maurice Braspenning at Galerie RuimteRemmelink, Delft