Works by Jan Henderikse of the Nul Group donated to Museum Prinsenhof, Delft

Jan Henderikse Shredded Value (1979/2014)

Museum Prinsenhof Delft is pleased with another important donation. A Dutch collector couple with an extensive collection of art from the Nul group has donated four works by the internationally renowned Delft artist Jan Henderikse. The museum thus strengthens the collection of Delft Masters of the 20th century, and more specifically of work by the Nul Group, to which Jan Schoonhoven also belonged. After the proposed renovation, the work of the Nul Group will be given a prominent place in the renovated museum. The works of Jan Henderikse can be seen from 1st November in the museum’s current layout.

The donated works come from different periods and together form a beautiful reflection of Jan Henderikse’s extensive oeuvre. This concerns the coin relief US $ one cent coins from 1969, the work Shredded Value (shredded banknotes in a perspex box) from 1979/2014 and two drawings from the 1980s that are shown alternately due to their fragility. Museum Prinsenhof Delft recently purchased the artist’s cork relief Round from 2017. The works can be seen together in the upper cloister in the museum from 1st November.

‘I have exhibited all over Europe over the years. And I’ve lived everywhere too. But Delft is my birthplace, and that bond remains strong. I think it’s great that this beautiful donation goes to Museum Prinsenhof. I find that extra attention for my work, especially in Delft, very special.’ – Jan Henderikse

Jan Henderikse (1937) was born in Delft and the last living member of the internationally known Nul group. He left Delft at the end of the 1950s and now lives in New York.

The Nul group emerged in 1961 and was the Dutch answer to what was internationally known as ZERO. The name Nul comes from the desire to ‘reinvent art’, starting from zero. The art is future-oriented and optimistic, but without personal emotions. Nul mainly wants to be new and contemporary. The artists, including Armando and Henk Peeters in addition to the Delft residents Jan Henderikse and Jan Schoonhoven, broke with traditional painting. Instead of paint, Jan Henderikse used everyday materials and objects, such as coins and corks.

‘We are very pleased that our museum is seen and appreciated as a place where important works of art are in good hands. Earlier this year we received another major addition to our Nulgroep collection from Corrie de Boer: the work 64 rectangles by Jan Schoonhoven. Now we can strengthen this collection by donating four works by Jan Henderikse.’ – Janelle Moerman, director of Museum Prinsenhof Delft

31st October 2023