WORLD ART MUSEUM (Wereldmuseum) Rotterdam

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World Art Museum

Willemskade 25

3016 DM Rotterdam

Tel  +31 10 270 71 72


The World Art Museum (Wereldmuseum in Dutch) owns an impressive collection of art from Africa, America, Oceania, Asia and the Islamic heritage. The building of the World Museum was used in the 19th century as a society of the Royal Yacht Club of Prince Henry of Holland. Traders and scientists of this yacht club traveled around the world and took home special objects from their journeys. Currently the World Museum collection holds over 200,000 artifacts!

The World Museum Rotterdam offers a permanent exhibition showing the 2000 best items within their collection. You can see masks and weapons from Africa, items from the American Indians, pottery and textile from the Andes and many fascinating objects from Tibet, China, Japan and Persia. The Oceania collection is one of the best and most complete collections of the world and includes the oldest shield of the Asmat people of South-Western New Guinea and the world’s biggest Bisj Pole. A Bisj Pole is a carved wooden pole used by the Asmat people to depict ancestor figures. If you’re interested in traveling and foreign cultures, the World Museum Rotterdam is your must see destination!

Exhibitions Reviewed

Ons Verhaal (Our Story)    November 2018